Esteban Mercado

Music Composer


Hi, I'm Esteban! A Costa Rican music composer
producing soundtracks for video games & films.

My style of composing leans more towards emotional and story driven soundtracks, whether it's sweet and warm or something more energetic and just purely exciting! I also have experience scoring to films ("sync to picture") and implementing my own music to video game engines to create interactive scores.


  • Music composition

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Film scoring

  • 3D positional audio

  • Music implementation in Wwise, UE4, Godot and Unity

  • Experienced guitar player & bass singer (down to a D2/Db2)

Project Isolation
by Phonetic Studios

Project Isolation OST

Forests Of Augusta
by Rebel Camp Games

Forests of Augusta OST

by Yukocchi & Team Boyito


Frog Typing Tongue
by Roan Contreras

Frog Typing Tongue


If you need music for your project send me a
message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Discord: Esteban#1233
Email: [email protected]