Esteban Mercado

Music Composer



Hi, I'm Esteban! I'm a Costa Rican music composer producing soundtracks for video games & films. I like creating emotional scores to beautiful stories and magical adventures.As a musician I've toured around playing lead guitar on bands and singing as bass on choirs. Besides music, I'm also Producer/Project Manager with experience working in Development and QA.During my free time I like to play as many games as I can, dwell in lore wikis, listen to VGM, watch anime, develop game ideas on Unity and lay around with my cat assistant.


  • Music composition

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Film scoring

  • 3D positional audio

  • Music implementation (Wwise, FMOD, UE4, Unity, Godot)

  • Guitar player & bass singer (down to a D2/Db2)

Holly's Amazing Adventure
by Jockylin

Holly's Amazing Adventure (Original Soundtrack)

Tales from the Farlands
by Ongaku Concept Collective

Tales from the Farlands

by Yukocchi & Team Boyito


Fruits Basket OP 2
anime backing track commission

Fruits Basked OP 2

Project Isolation
by Phonetic Studios

Project Isolation OST

Forests Of Augusta
by Rebel Camp Games

Forests of Augusta OST

The Tavern of Reflections
by Ongaku Concept Collective

The Tavern of Reflections

Frog Typing Tongue
by Roan Contreras

Frog Typing Tongue

※ To be released
animation pilot

To be released

※ To be released
animation thesis

To be released


If you need music for your project send me a
message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Discord: Esteban#1233
Email: [email protected]